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Some of you may be wondering, at the primary level, what role a penetration tester—aka, a “pentester”—plays in the grand scheme of information security; what do these folks do on a day-to-day basis that makes the job so important and so cool?

Others may have already done some research on the role, understanding what’s involved, but could use some insights from those who have been doing this for a while and what their direct experiences and point of view can bring to the table. This could be extremely valuable both from a “breaking into security” perspective as well as for those looking to transition to this profession from another tech or InfoSec role.

How do these seasoned pentesters stay current and relevant? What tools, training, associations, and communities are important—if not essential—for being successful in this profession?

The good news is that we have you all covered. Today, we bring two guests to The Academy; each guest brings with them experiences ranging from consulting for businesses of all shapes and sizes to running large pentesting teams within multi-national brands.

While there are certainly differences when comparing the cultures, funding, systems, and data across this broad spectrum of environments, the pentester role maintains several similarities—both in terms of responsibilities, and in challenges.

Our guests, Tyrone E. Wilson and Jorge Orchilles, walk us through all of this, and more.

Regardless of what your present status is—and your intentions for listening to this episode—we are confident this conversation will add some diverse layers of perspective to a role that could be your next step in your career.

It’s time.

Put on the headphones and have a listen.

Hope you enjoy!

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